Legacy of Kindness

     During pivotal times in life, the consideration of “what will my legacy be?” tends to crop up.  I have just been through such a pivotal time, as my partner and I recently got married.  Since we have been quite clear with family members on our intentions to not have children, some have asked … More Legacy of Kindness

Millennials don’t want their parents’ stuff

     In my life and in the lives of many friends of mine, the topic of what is to happen to the belongings of our parents has been coming up with increasing regularity. The generations of our parents are getting close to stereotypical retirement age, and considerations about moving in to smaller arrangements than … More Millennials don’t want their parents’ stuff

It’s just a room

     For many, the wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. Thousands of dollars can be spent on the perfect dress, location, and meal, all to create the “perfect day.” My partner and I are getting married in only a few months, and we have been spending copious time … More It’s just a room