What Does It Mean To Me To Say “I Follow Christ”?

   The statement “I follow Christ” is one which is used far more often than it is explained, yet the explanation is far more helpful than the initial statement. With more interpretations of scripture than I can keep track of, it is important for people of faith to know what their faith in God means in their lives, in their interactions. We must be able to qualify the statement “I am a Christian”.

   So what do I mean when I say “I am a Christian”? I mean to imply I try every day to follow the laws which God laid out and Christ extrapolated on. I mean to say I expend my efforts following them not when big events come up, but in every minute I draw breath. Big events, such as a death of a loved one, the birth of a child, of financial upheaval, commonly lead people to search for a power greater than themselves for guidance and help. The power they look to may be earthly or otherwise; we look for answers we cannot grasp on our own. Part of what living with Christ daily means to me is trying to see Him in the answers we already have, not only the incomprehensible. When I look at the mundane daily occurrences of my life, do I see the face of God present in each of them?

   When I pass a stranger on the street, do I see simply another person or a child that God made and loves?

   When faced with a routine decision, do I take the normal path, or do I ask “what would Jesus want of me right here?”

   This is the sort of action I try to make in to habit every day of my life. Do I always succeed? No, far from it. I wake up every morning and tell myself that I need to strive for the ideal that Christ embodied, that I will fall short, and that I will keep striving tomorrow. It matters far more that I keep striving to live my life the way that He wishes me to than if a given day was a “success” or not.

This is, in a nut shell, what following Christ means to me.


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