Beginning Project 333

   I’ve started my 3 months of only using 33 items to make up my wardrobe. So far, it hasn’t felt like too much of a change from what I’m used to. Of course, it has led to a few times of wanting to wear a particular item and realizing I packed it away. However, I have already realized a decrease in the time I spend picking out clothes. I can easily keep a mental list of every item in my closet, and by the time I walk to the closet from bed, I’ve already picked out what today will call for. This is in contrast to what would commonly be up to 10 minutes spent picking out clothes for the day.

   The part that takes the prize so far is the feeling of not needing to think about what I wear.  It feels like a more natural flow in my day to go through the process from pajamas to the day’s clothes. This has been a huge help to me as of late, as life has not been giving me many quiet days in other categories. We’ve been having to deal with the loss of our car and all the connected troubles coming along with dealing with insurance and finding a replacement car. Along with a pocket of activity with my job search, life hasn’t been offering me much breathing room in the areas I’m used to finding it in. Therefore, the fresh quiet in a new category has been surprisingly helpful.

   However, I do think I’m going to have to crack in to the packed clothes for a Halloween party I’m attending. I’m not sure how I feel about it, as it could reasonably be considered similar to other “special use” clothes such as exercise clothing. The outfit I’m taking out is certainly not one I was expecting to use any other time for the next few months.


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