Project 333, Completed

   With the new year begun, I realized my effort to go three months with a wardrobe made up of only 33 items has reached its completion. The only times my wardrobe went over 33 items was for Halloween, when I took a couple articles from storage for my costume, and when I received a couple shirts for Christmas. Otherwise, it has been at exactly 33 items since the beginning of October. Except for enjoying the shirts I was given at Christmas, I haven’t even had a desire to go outside what I have been using.

   Weather has been pretty varied for us over the span of these months, including everything from short sleeve weather to winter ice storms. I had one thick sweater out, but otherwise have used layering to match the weather appropriately. I have been learning many ways to combine the pieces in my wardrobe I had not previously thought of. Even for a stylishly boring guy such as myself, there was undiscovered potential in a slimmed down wardrobe of only 33. I now see more worth than I did a few months ago to each piece of clothing I use.

   All this increased value I’m seeing out of my relation to my clothes comes with less time spent interacting with it. I spend less time cleaning my wardrobe, less time organizing it, less time considering it, yet I’m getting more value out of it. This isn’t paradoxical at all, as part of the value I am earning comes from freed up time for other pursuits. I would say, in summation, the project 333 exercise in simplification has been more than a success for me; it has been an ideal microcosmic example of how I have been hoping to simplify my lifestyle.

   In the future, I am planning on continuing to use a system similar to project 333 for my wardrobe. I intend to leave portions of my clothes packed away at any given time, transitioning between packed and unpacked every few months. I may not stick to exactly 33 items, but we’ll see how it works. I am certainly very happy with having done this practice and all it has helped me learn about interacting with my possessions more consciously.


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