One-a-day Throwaway

     I’m making a challenge for myself in the month of April; every day I will get rid of at least one item. This may be throwing it in the garbage, selling it, donating it, etc. However I choose to do so for each item, something must leave my possession every single day of the month. Also, I am putting a personal purchasing freeze on myself for anything beyond consumables and necessities (for instance, I’m going to pick up a new phone charger since mine is dying).

     The inspiration for this is primarily based upon my own feeling of a lack of motivation to do the legwork to simplify my possessions. I have many moments where I recognize I could get rid of some item, yet decide it isn’t worth it at the time or rationalize keeping it (yet then proceed to continue not using it). I’ve realized I have a slowly growing list in my head of this sort, which clutters up my mind as well as my home, and I needed to give myself an extra push over the edge of getting around to it.

     Today’s item is a sweater I had packed away during my Project 333 practice, which means I didn’t have access to it for the majority of this winter. Yet when I went through the packed away clothing, I had forgotten it was in there. Clearly, it is one of the sweaters which shouldn’t make the cut, as I barely used the sweaters I had unpacked this winter.


Item: blue sweater

Method: Donate


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