One-a-day, Completion

So to finish off my one-a-day exercise for April, I took a couple days and went through my home. I collected a lot of items I have decided are worth getting out of the way, and am calling all of them my last step for this exercise.

Item: Books, Shirts, Boots, Spice rack, Holiday cards, Broom handle, Mixing bowl, heating pad, Card sleeves, Playing cards, Dagger

Method: Sold, Donated, Garbage, Recycled, Exchanged, Destroyed
     Throughout this exercise, I found some days difficult, and others very straightforward. I began the month with a list of a few objects I knew were going to be picked, so I had a jumpstart in my mind. As the project went on, it (as expected) became more of an effort to choose possessions to cull. However, there were multiple instances where getting rid of one item would lead to getting rid of the next being easier for me. The exercise developed a momentum of its own, which made the later days of the month smoother than I expected. Over the month, I have had a renewed enjoyment of getting possessions to leave my home, and throughly enjoy a fresh feeling of freedom from ownership similar to the feeling when I originally downsized significantly.

     I would recommend the practice of a one-a-day possession culling to anyone who feels they want to downsize and are at a loss on how to move forward. If you’re a minimalist, someone who wants to live simply, or anyone who wants to get some spare breathing space, this is a good low maintenance method to help you along the way.


One thought on “One-a-day, Completion

  1. Hmm, I see a WisCon book in there. If you wish to discard WisCon stuff (don’t you dare discard that kangaroo pouch!), please discard them my way.


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