In Memoriam

     In my life, I have been blessed by contact with individuals able to show me how to be the person I need to be. George, my maternal grandfather, is such a man. He has been modeling for me what it means to be a man, to be a husband, to be the head of a home, since before I had the capacity to recognize his influence. Since I was too young to remember. My entire life, I have looked upon George as the cornerstone of our family, a steadying rock we can turn to.

     My whole life, I have been told families need rocks. To George is where I turn to gain an understanding of what this means. The calming feeling, the stabilizing effect of his presence on the family, is something I have felt every time I’m around him since childhood. A family with as many powerful and energetic personalities as ours certainly needs a rock, someone who can steady the course for us. By his example, his impact on those around him, he gives a calm I attempt to emulate in my life when I go out beyond the family. I would not know where to begin with this effort if it were not for the impeccable role model George has provided throughout my developing years.

     The love George has for his children is palpable. He has lead to a multi-generational legacy of compassion, family ties, and support. What he has built in the raising of his children, and what they have carried on to the next generation of the family, is one of the most valuable aspects of my life. A true family, in the greatest and strongest sense I know how to use the term. It is a support structure, a loyalty, and a willingness to come to the aid of each other. I am proud to be able to be a part of, to be surrounded by, and to support in my own ability, such an incredible group of loved ones.

     This morning, my grandfather George changed his residency to Heaven. We are not made lesser by his passing, but are made better for his living. Tonight, Heaven has one more rock, one more voice in the choir.


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