Joy in the Little Things

     One of my favorite ways to add happiness to my days is to train myself to take time in the moment. I try to focus on something I enjoy about any given slice of my day. Did I wake up well rested? Was breakfast particularly tasty? Is there a nice breeze coming in the window? These are the kinds of little aspects I enjoy consciously pulling my attention to in the mornings. They help set the mood for the rest of my day.

Tea Mug

     There is one particular item I find brightens my mornings almost every day. I start each morning with a mug of tea. I consciously pick which mug I want to have my tea in every morning (not too difficult when we own a total of 5 mugs). Every morning, I pick the same mug though. It is a mug I’ve had for years; it piqued my interest when I saw it in the store back in college, and I bought it after seeing it twice in the same store and wanting it both times. So now, it has become my mug of choice every morning. I enjoy its weight in my hands, how just enough warmth radiates through the sides to warm my hands. The hues of its colors are pleasant to my eye. The lid used to just help keep my tea warm longer, but has gained an additional property this past year; it keeps our kitten from trying out my tea with his paws (something he now tries with most open drinks). Also, it has a matching filter for the mornings I pick one of my loose leaf teas instead of a bagged one.

     This mug, for me, perfectly exemplifies the type of possessions I want to keep through all the simplifying we do. It is very good at the functional task it is meant for, serving its purpose better than an ordinary mug (thanks to the filter and lid). Most importantly, it brings me joy. I get a little smile every morning when I start making tea in my favorite mug.


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