Material Weight

     As I have been working to pare down my belongings, I have noticed the decrease of something I hadn’t known was there before. A sort of “weight” on me from the possessions I own. A feeling of almost sluggishness, of lethargy, in my daily life from ownership. Knowing it was all there waiting for me to maintain when I got home. Waiting to eat away my evenings after work, my weekends, what have you. It is something I had to remove to realize it had been there to begin with. Through my process of simplifying over the last few years, I have become increasingly in touch with this particular feeling of weight from material ownership. This month my partner is out of state for a residency program, leaving me quite a bit of time alone. During this time, I’ve become very conscious of the feeling of weight all around me from the possessions we have in our home.

     I have started fresh my process of considering what is worth keeping and what is worth discarding. Lately, I’ve been hyper-aware of how much of my time I spend on different aspects of my life, including maintenance of what I own. I’m working on reconsidering what is worth the investment of time, of resources. Items I had previously marked as “good”, as worthwhile, are back in question.

     As I go through this process, I’m feeling the weight come back off me. Without it, I feel more freedom to enjoy my time. I have a much stronger sense of appreciation for the items I do keep, as I have a reassurance they are what I want to own. When I have free time, which happens more frequently without the extraneous, I can throw myself in to it more wholly. I can enjoy being in the moment of whatever I find myself doing more wholeheartedly than before.

     When is it worthwhile to forfeit a fragment of my life for an object, for a thing? What is the line of value I have to receive from it to make the exchange reasonable? This line is different for everyone, and the one act which can get you in to a lot of trouble is not defining the line for yourself. I’m working on redefining my line in to a tighter, higher personal value position than it has been lately. Where is this line for you?


One thought on “Material Weight

  1. Yes, I totally get what you mean about the weight of stuff and the lifting of that weight every time I donate/sell stuff. It’s incredible. I’m always reducing then living with the new limit for a little while then reducing more and I love it every time! Great post.


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