The Ebb and Flow of Faith

     There are times in my life when I feel more connected to my faith, my belief in Christ, than at other times. Some days, I barely feel it at all. I don’t get worried about this, though. I have had conversations with friends who talk about being in a waning point in their faith, about being scared God has abandoned them or their faith not being worthwhile because of those feelings of distance with Christ. This is my effort to put together the thoughts I have about these moments in their lives, in my life, and possibly in yours as well.

     Faith is something we produce within ourselves. God, through Christ, gives us something to have faith in, a person to relate to and believe in. Yet the faith itself is our own choice. As all major choices in life, it isn’t always easy. In fact, the times it is easy are likely to stand out more than when it isn’t. Do not expect to be strong in your faith every minute or every day. Christian faith is a relationship and, as in all relationships, you will have times you must either make the conscious decision to continue with it in the lack of emotional support or choose to step away from it and everything it entails. The decisions made in those moments are what decide the overall strength of our faith. Are we a good-weather Christian, or do we see it through the hard times too?

     Another direction I try to remember about faith is, because it is the part of the equation stemming from us, we must choose to feed it. God is present, yet we are the ones who must decide if we’re looking for Him or not. We must choose to develop and support habits which lead to a well-fed spiritual life. Activities such as weekly church service, daily devotionals, regular prayer time, and meditation are all choices we must make. Which choices are going to help you stay in touch with a healthy faith? Which ones won’t? For me, I have to change it occasionally to keep myself attached to my faith most effectively. Most recently, I have taken back up the practice of daily devotional readings, as it adds a tint of spirituality to my thought process throughout my days.

     What are the tools you find most effective in your own faith? How do you keep God alive in your life?


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