Living within your needs

     As we have been going through the winter months, I’ve been recognizing something I have done with my warmer weather clothes yet hadn’t been pushed to do with my winter clothing. I had minimized down how much clothing I own to only what I need comfortably within our laundry routine. I can only dirty so many pants, so many shirts. Therefore, why continue owning more than what I use in between washings? I picked out the ones I didn’t enjoy for one reason or another (I’m not pleased with how it looks on me, it doesn’t match the color scheme of my capsule, etc.) and got rid of them. As I have been pulling out my sweaters and other winter clothes, I realized I still own more than I can use in one wash cycle.

     Suddenly, I found myself embarking on a cleanse of unnecessary winter clothes. Why own four long-sleeved shirts when I only dirty one or two between wash days? Out with the ones I like the least! Why own sweaters when I’ve been exclusively preferring layering instead? These are the mental processes I’ve been working through as I have been sorting my cold weather clothing. The reminder I keep having is how much easier it becomes to stay organized as the amount of possessions goes down. As winter in our region can get quite impressive, any kind of travel, from going to visit family for holidays to the daily commute to work, takes more time than it does the rest of the year. As such, I have become more aware of my desire to not spend my time organizing and cleaning what I don’t actually want or need. I have so many personal projects I would love to start working on, and have been able to work on many of them over the last few years since I began approaching life more simply.

     I’ve been feeling a shift in my minimalism lately less towards thinking about the quantity I own (which I invariably think is too much) and more towards how much I can do in replacement of managing excessive ownership. As this is the clear goal of my simplifying efforts, to spend more time partaking in activities I enjoy, I am very pleased with the transition in focus. I’m working on furthering this focus, in part by continuing to decrease the necessary maintenance on my belongings and in part by increasing how many hours I spend on the endeavors I’ve been keeping on the back burner.


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