Find the joy in your reality

     Getting caught up in the goals for our future is an easy situation to find ourselves in; making sacrifices to improve our future potential seems a very reasonable step. In many ways, it is a prudent and responsible path to take. However, there is a healthy middle ground and then there is an extreme. We should focus on what we want to do with our lives and what we are striving for but not to the exclusion of recognizing the good in where we are in the now.

     Don’t lose sight of what you have today in leu of what you want for tomorrow. Take time to count your blessings right here and now every once in a while. For myself, I have a job as a 1st shift baker which provides me a consistent schedule to be able to do my own projects with my evenings every day of the week. I have the ability to pursue my own personal goals outside the hours of my work while bettering the goals of a company whose spirit I strongly support while I’m there. This is, in many ways, more than I can say about much of my professional working years. Yes, I am striving for more. Yet it gives me strength towards those goals to reflect upon what I have achieved thus far. Spending time recognizing these aspects of my current situations allows me to reinforce my efforts to climb further.

     Whatever the reality we find ourselves in today is the foundation for the tomorrow we will reach. Our tomorrow will be a reflection of where we have been. God has put us where we are each day for a reason, so spend some time trying to find your reason each day. Regardless of what we do with it, we are going to spend 24 hours in each day of our lives. Therefore, find a reason for yourself for every day you have. Maybe the reason is securing yourself financially for a better tomorrow. Perhaps the reason is developing your emotional strength. Today’s reason could be to revel in the day you have been given for no more developed reason than joy.


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