The expense of time

     One topic people of all walks of life will agree upon is the dislike of expenses. You will rarely find a person who enjoys the monotonous costs of life. Paying utilities, car payments, rent/mortgage, loan payments, these are all aspects those of us with them would be quite pleased to be able to live our lives without. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to not have to shell out a portion of your earnings each month, to have all of it to spend on the undertakings you want instead of your needs? Some expenses are entirely avoidable and will lead to you being able to try out new endeavors or delve deeper in to ones you already know you enjoy. The particular expenditure I want to talk about here is our time.

     Time is not something usually listed when we are organizing our expenses, yet it can be handled in a very similar way. How you choose to spend your time precludes you from spending it another way, just as spending your money in one category of life denies you from spending the same money elsewhere. In fact, choosing how to spend your time is even more important than how you spend your money, as there exists no way to add to your allotment of time in a day, yet there are options to add to your available monetary funds. Therefore, let’s focus for a time on time.

     The why of using our time effectively is clear; to achieve more in our days. However, someone who is busy every waking hour of their day may not be as content with those hours than someone who lazes about many hours out of their day. Why is this? Because of another aspect; quality of expense. When I have a day full to the brim of work and errands I will rarely feel as much of a sense of achievement than a day I spend writing for my own goals, reading a good book, and/or challenging myself personally in some way. The reason is due to the first day having been spent primarily accomplishing tasks for others, while the second day was spent on tasks of my own choosing. Both days were productive ones, with worthwhile items on their to do lists. However, one stayed closer to home than the other. The second day spoke more to my own desires for my life, my time. Therefore, it is the day which provides a greater sense of accomplishment.

     The goal of spending our time in a quality way should be to as frequently as possible have our time spent on those goals close to ourselves, to minimize our time which is spent chasing the goals of others. Yet how to accomplish this, in a culture where we live based on finances, which are paid for most of us by employment focused on others’ goals? By simplifying our needs. If we cease to require as much financial support, then we no longer have the need to spend as much of our time in the employ of others’ goals. Work on cutting out such expenses as unnecessary extra vehicles and the maintenance and payments associated with them, or keeping ourselves out of debt (or focusing on getting out of preexisting debt ahead of schedule), or less frivolous and/or impulse purchases. Once such steps are completed, it may become a realistic option to stop working a second job or possibly even working less time at your only job.

     Due to a recent employment opportunity for my significant other, we find ourselves less dependent on the income from my full-time position. Therefore, we have decided we can afford for me to decrease the amount of time I work there and increase the amount of time I have available to work on writing and the next step in my own education. This is the exact sort of use of our time we have been working towards for over a year. It is a milestone in our own goals we are very proud to have reached.


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