It is easy to occasionally loose our hope in humanity. With everything going on in the world, the amount of hatred and contradiction becoming commonplace, I find myself regularly needing to take breaks from giving attention to the day-to-day facts of reality to keep my own mental and emotional stability. The degree to which we fight amongst ourselves, verbally, politically, financially, and physically, is painful to see. For myself, I can’t help but loose hope in my fellow humans occasionally. I stop expecting good actions out of others. I, instead, expect new news to be of some type of negative trend. I become predisposed to see things moving from bad to worse. This becomes a depressing state, as there is a certain type of foreboding sadness when we loose our faith in our fellow humans. It pervades every experience we have, every thought.

     Yet in these times in my own life, when I find my mind fraught with such an ever-present sadness and a lack of hope for my fellow humans, there is a separate font of hope I can look to. I find the perseverance of hope in the Divine. God is a never-ending source of hope because God does not falter in support for us. The Divine does not change its mind on how much to love us or if we are worth caring about. We shall always find love, regardless of what is going on in the world, in our faith. Within the sacred relationship of created and creator there is never a stumble or stutter in compassion. Let this relationship be a mental and emotional oasis of sorts. In times of personal struggle, I remind myself to spend more time in spiritual contemplation; time reading scripture and working through what I read means. The amount of support I find from a book read in an otherwise empty space helps reinforce the presence of something beyond the material, something more than our world. When humanity lets us down, the Divine never will.

     What is your emotional oasis? How does it intertwine with the rest of your life?


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