Negativity is an energy with a nearly unparalleled ability to impact every aspect of your life. It can change the drive you have everywhere in your life if you allow it a foothold anywhere in your life. We can go from driven, energetic, and ready to go with our goals to lethargic, uninspired, and unwilling to try on those same goals. All of this can be due to negativity somewhere in our lives not at all related to the goals we now see impacted by it. This is the power of negativity. This is also why it is a powerful ability when we can overcome it and stop it from being able to gain the initial foothold it needs.

     I have recently been seeing a change in the level of negativity in my work place, which has made an unexpectedly large impact on not only my work drive, but also my personal and social energy levels. The change in this instance is the removal of a strongly negative personality whose impact I had not realized was as widespread as it had become. I had missed the opportunity to stop the initial foothold, so it festered in my life for some time. It began in the workplace and spread from there to impact my home and social lives. I had less drive to go out with friends, to keep the house in order, to make progress on my own goals. The biggest issue was me missing it happening; it was such a gradual shift, I didn’t see the degradation for what it was. When I was being impacted by the negativity, when it had become my own negative attitude fed by the original personality, I didn’t realize why it was there; all I recognized was my own unhappiness and its source being something at work. I knew I was incredibly unhappy at my job, which I used to find fulfillment and happiness in. Yet then when the individual in question was no longer a member of my immediate work environment, I began realizing the difference in a matter of days. Within a week and a half, I noticed an improvement in productivity both at work and in my personal life. I was happier with work as well as personal pursuits.

     When I allowed the negative impact of another to take root in my own life, it proliferated throughout my life. Yet even faster than it developed, it dwindled as soon as the source was removed and replaced with more positive replacements. This has shown me very powerfully the importance of protecting ourselves from the negative influence of others. When allowed an in to our lives, it overtakes our intentions, our hopes, and our expectations. Yet if we make the choice to cut out sources of negativity when we can identify them, then we keep ourselves healthier psychologically to be able to pursue our goals in all aspects of life. It is important to actively keep a positive outlook on life, and sometimes this means casting out the negative from ourselves. Be willing to do so when you see it creeping in.


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