Questioning Faith

     There come times when we question our faith. Times such as these sometimes come up progressively and sometimes come upon us with less warning. Recently, I have been grappling with a time such as the later. For some weeks now, I have had difficulty approaching theological topics of any nature. I meant to be writing upon one such topic this week, yet instead had to consciously face what I have been trying to ignore. Something significant has shifted in my faith which I have yet to work fully through the ramifications of. I don’t yet know what it means, but I’ll be sure to continue writing on it as I work out where this path is headed.

     The idea of questioning your faith is a very loaded one, which brings along with it quite a bit of negative baggage for most people I have spoken to. However, I look at such questions in a very different light. I have always considered questioning an important interaction with anything of significance in your life. How else can you understand it as well as when you question what your interaction, what its meaning to you, is? Questions are one of the greatest tools we have to develop our own knowledge, our own comprehension of our world and our places within it. Questioning must occur in any healthy relationship, as anything worthy of our allegiance, our trust, must be capable of standing up to such questions. Anything in your life which you consider questioning has obviously become important enough to necessitate the time and contemplation of questions instead of being ignored or discarded. Such aspects of our life are the most important of all; most aspects not worth questioning aren’t worth holding on to. My faith is certainly something I have questioned repeatedly in my years, and intend on continuing to question. My faith is stronger today than in years past specifically due to my willingness to question it and its ability to respond to those questions. In my past, when I have gone through a period of questions with regard to my spirituality, I have uniformly come out the other side with a stronger resolve in my faith. Sometimes this has lead me to a different understanding of my faith and my relation with it, yet always a stronger relation than previous.

     Never be afraid to question those aspects of your life you consider important and meaningful. Questioning is a form of interaction with them. It is far more important to interact with the facets of your life than it is to simply have them present.


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