Questioning Faith

     There come times when we question our faith. Times such as these sometimes come up progressively and sometimes come upon us with less warning. Recently, I have been grappling with a time such as the later. For some weeks now, I have had difficulty approaching theological topics of any nature. I meant to … More Questioning Faith


     It is easy to occasionally loose our hope in humanity. With everything going on in the world, the amount of hatred and contradiction becoming commonplace, I find myself regularly needing to take breaks from giving attention to the day-to-day facts of reality to keep my own mental and emotional stability. The degree to … More Hope

Quiet Faith

     I have heard “I didn’t know you’re Christian”, “He’s a Catholic? I usually can’t stand Catholics” from friends of ours countless times. I am no longer surprised by these, as it has happened so many times. It is worth a minute’s though, however, why such surprise is so common. I live out my … More Quiet Faith