Faith is a journey

     Catholicism is a stepping stone on my path along the journey.  It has served an important role along my path of faith, one which I could not have found elsewhere.  However, the time has come to step on to what comes next for me on this journey.  I feel the community within the … More Faith is a journey

Legacy of Kindness

     During pivotal times in life, the consideration of “what will my legacy be?” tends to crop up.  I have just been through such a pivotal time, as my partner and I recently got married.  Since we have been quite clear with family members on our intentions to not have children, some have asked … More Legacy of Kindness

It’s just a room

     For many, the wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. Thousands of dollars can be spent on the perfect dress, location, and meal, all to create the “perfect day.” My partner and I are getting married in only a few months, and we have been spending copious time … More It’s just a room

Questioning Faith

     There come times when we question our faith. Times such as these sometimes come up progressively and sometimes come upon us with less warning. Recently, I have been grappling with a time such as the later. For some weeks now, I have had difficulty approaching theological topics of any nature. I meant to … More Questioning Faith


     It is easy to occasionally loose our hope in humanity. With everything going on in the world, the amount of hatred and contradiction becoming commonplace, I find myself regularly needing to take breaks from giving attention to the day-to-day facts of reality to keep my own mental and emotional stability. The degree to … More Hope