Questioning Faith

     There come times when we question our faith. Times such as these sometimes come up progressively and sometimes come upon us with less warning. Recently, I have been grappling with a time such as the later. For some weeks now, I have had difficulty approaching theological topics of any nature. I meant to … More Questioning Faith


     Negativity is an energy with a nearly unparalleled ability to impact every aspect of your life. It can change the drive you have everywhere in your life if you allow it a foothold anywhere in your life. We can go from driven, energetic, and ready to go with our goals to lethargic, uninspired, … More Negativity


     Take a look at pinterest or instagram and you will see a trend of excess: Boutique walk in closets. These are closets which include such features as velvet-lined jewelry drawers, boutique-style shoe racks customized for the height of room residents, designer wallpaper, and mirrored walls. I recently read an article in the Wall … More Decadence

Spring cleaning

     Spring has finally sprung in our house hold.  The cold weather seems to be relinquishing its grip, and our personal lives are calming down after several hectic weeks.  With the arrival of this new found inspiration, we have welcomed something we have been waiting for all winter: utilizing our enclosed porch to its … More Spring cleaning


     It is easy to occasionally loose our hope in humanity. With everything going on in the world, the amount of hatred and contradiction becoming commonplace, I find myself regularly needing to take breaks from giving attention to the day-to-day facts of reality to keep my own mental and emotional stability. The degree to … More Hope